To save the environment and stop the global warming, we need to do it together so the work will be faster and effective. But first me and my friend have this picture to show the global warming is dangerous for people and animal.

You can see there are 2 kinds of picture you will choose ! The right will be the bad pollution, no tree, no animal and people can live there, and on the left is a beautiful sky with garden, water, the fresh air, too ! What picture will you choose to live in the future. I think 99% choosing the picture on the left. If you want to live in a place with fresh air, green trees, good environment, many kinds of animal live there i think you must do all these things :

  • don’t drop litter on street.
  • don’t make the water dirty and stinky.
  • save water.
  • don’t cut down tree.
  • save the endangered animals.
  • plant more trees.

If you can do all these things, i’m sure that one day our world will be like this ! To make it faster we need teamwork, so me and my friend make this group for telling people that : ‘They must have teamwork to change our world’. My group very happy to help you and some more people out there know about this work. For that me and my friend has a name for our group : 40 SAVE, because my group is 4 people and we are 10 years old so add together we have the number 40, we take the word SAVE from SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT to add for the name. we are waiting for our new world is changed. Be happy about the change of the life and the environment by time. 40SAVE will help you know about all the reason for why we need to change the life. Thank you!