Feminism has been a great subject since the 19th century. Three major waves of feminist movement have changed the way people think toward women’s right. And we must continue the heritage. This is our business.

Feminism, defined by Oxford Dictionary, is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”. However, this definition was misconceived by many people. They think that feminism is “women should be treated better than men”. Therefore, even though feminism has been actively supported, there are still a lot of people who are opposing the idea. Redefining the misconception will take a lot of time and effort, yet it is a necessary act because feminism benefits both men and women. Encouraging feminism is helping men and women to have equal chance to be themselves. For instance, if women can raise their voice in politics or have access to proper education, men can also do what they like without having to fit into the “socially perfect mold”.

Another problem that feminism is facing is that feminism is political talk. They believe that feminism doesn’t matter to their lives. The truth is feminism is everywhere and it doesn’t have to be big or revolutionary. Feminism starts small. It starts with helping you mom preparing dinner, encouraging your sister to join the football team or simply respecting people. You can chage the way people think, remove the misconceptions by doing small things in life. It starts with me and you.

And it starts with you children too. That’s what our project aim to do: teaching young children about feminism through “Kayla’s adventure”, a story about Kayla and her journey to her true self. We believe that feminism needs to be known not only from adolescents and adults, but from children too. We hope that through our project, girls and boys, men and women will be equally respected.