Recently, our team has carried out a small survey about the environment to everybody. The result shows that in a total of 173 people, 114 people use 1 to 2 plastic bags a day, 154 people use about 5 disposable plastic products a day. This proves that using plastic bags and plastic products that harmful to the environment seems to be a habit of Vietnamese, which leads to the whole Vietnam dump into the ocean 1.8 million tonnes of trash a year. Therefore, our “No More Recycle” project is born.

Why is our project called “No More Recycle”? It sounds a bit illogical, but in fact it is not. When you put reusable garbage in the recycling bin, only 9% is recycled, 12% is burned, and the other 79% are buried in landfills outside the natural environment. And as we all know, plastic requires about 500-1500 years to fully decompose. During that time, the trees will be very difficult to photosynthesis and nutrient absorption due to the spread of waste on the ground causing environmental pollution is getting worse. So our name “No More Recycle” means we hope everyone will limit their disposal to recycling bins and try to reuse them as much as possible which makes the waste treatments of the city becomes easier.

Through the “No More Recycle” project, we hope to be able to help people raise awareness about the alarming circumstances of their surroundings. Beside propagating the project, we will also sell reusable products to improve the environment and ensure the health of Vietnamese consumers is safer. Detailed information about the project can be found on the link below.


This video will give you a quick view about our project: