Bullying, cultural loss, depression… What do these problems have in common? These are all complicated and dangerous social problems that are harming humanity, making mankind suffer. These problems are caused by forms of mental illnesses, which, in 2016, a statistic showed that was the second highest cause of committing suicide in teens and young adults. But not just these problems, many many more.

We have reached the bottom of the barrel with more than 300 million people of all ages suffering from depression each year, with 3.2 million students bullied, and many more horrifying statistics. The Melbourne University, Cornell University, and Columbia University. Study after study after study has shown that reading can help with these mental problems You may be thinking: “Wait, it shouldn’t be that simple, right?” And yet, it is.

Reading is an integral part of humanity, it captures all the history, the beautiful arts and of course, the advice, the knowledge that our ancestors have put in. Think about it, a book can help a person remiss, it can help a person re-evaluate and think critically, it can offer witty advice, it can lend emotional support. At the end of the day, it can be many things, but most importantly, it can help a life, not one, but… many, millions, trillions. If you think you’re an exception, you might become a statistic. Psychology experts, mental health experts have been telling us this “simple advice” since the beginning of time. But young people nowadays are just too busy zipping around their screens that they aren’t reading enough. Think about it, we can and thus, MUST help these problems disappear!


  Every book is a miracle picture of life. They have stuck with the growth of the history of mankind. Books have become a friend that goes with us on the path of education. They induce a delightful soul for us. Reading books is to just simply enjoy and be entertained by words on a page. When people read, their minds are in a dream-like state where their minds and emotions take over their body.

I bet you have your parents complain.” Go read a book! It will make you smarter!” I know I have. But, they are right. Books explore the mind to more vibrant and descriptive vocabulary. You will also learn new facts from the books. It is a proven fact that books have raised mind knowledge.

Library services offer people a means of developing reading skills through the provision of books. We choose to operate specialist mobile libraries which cater to people. Such vehicle delivers library services to people across a range of areas with the state aims of promoting reading and love of books and accessing people who would not otherwise use library services.

This project evaluates whether people reach those aims and examined the methods by which the aims were targeted. This project helps people in order to observe and understand the interactions of social actors and identify the processes are used to encourage reading.

The Mobile Library promotes reading because of their transient nature; by the nature of the learning environment and specialist stock of the mobile library and because they access children who would otherwise not use any other library services.

We wish to acknowledge a generous help and information given by all of us and our management to all the people will be observed and consulted during this project.


We will invite donations from the students from the school. Otherwise, we will buy some old books from the second-hand bookstores or from the old bookstores.


A van has its own driver and librarian. We will pick 3 from us to be the librarian. Librarians are responsible for all administrations regarding circulation. They also weed out and mend or restore the books. In addition to reading services, the mobile library also provides promotional activities, e.g. mini games, quiz programs and storytelling. Drivers occasionally fill in for the librarian, they do not actively take part in the work. The driver will be the school’s driver for the convenience.


The van is rather worn and have had seats replaced by shelves. All of them have air-conditioning and chairs at the back. Curtains keep the sun out and make the van a comfortable place to be in the middle of the day. Music turned to the outside to attract people to the van. The van is decorated beautiful and attractive. The color will be bright to attract people. The project happens twice a month. The van goes to different places each month, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. so there are plenty of times to sit down and read.

We also set up some up the shelves outside and tables and chairs for people who want to sit. The van has a collection with an average of 100 books. About 30% is spent on children books, 35% is spent on adult fiction and 35% on non-fiction. After that, the librarian is free to choose what to borrow. The most extensively used categories include children’s non-fiction, adult’s fiction, cookery books and other how-to-do-it books.


The most common user in library building is probably a well-educated adult, children, or if an adult, a housewife. Also, the librarians emphasize that the number of users in the bookmobiles cannot be compared with the numbers of the libraries as the libraries are much more established. The librarians are more interested in making people use the resources and have a pragmatic attitude.


  1. Each of the books are affixed to prove that those books are belongs to ours.
  2. The users are not allowed to buy or steal.
  3. It is fine for borrowing in one day but not for a unit on late returns. Because any late book is impossible to return.
  4. It could also be that there are few of late books, books can be taken home as long as the member has another book to replace it.

 We will create a board of rules and put beside of the van to alert everyone.

Besides, we also sell some drinks for the readers during the project, e.g. pure water. Still, for a person who is not absolutely certain he/she will enjoy reading, this thinking may constitute a major barrier to giving the library a try − particularly in a culture where books and reading are not automatically highly valued and not taken for granted as a means of raising the quality of life.



Even though the bookmobile is not sufficient to provide library service to all people but we are still hoping to reach the aims:

  • Explore people mind
  • Develop reading skills through the provision of books
  • Observe and understand the interactions of social actors


 The library mobile from TNB4 reaches out further than libraries do, and may be said to have a great impact. Using the Mobile Library has not been a matter of choice but the only way for people in the outer communities to get in touch with the library system, instilling the habit of reading among the people. After all, as one student puts it:” the main point of the mobile library is to convince people to use it.


VAS-Community-Programme-Budget-Projection-Form-Projec-Name-Campus (4)


PROJECT NAME: Little Mobile Library
Group name: TNB4
Campus name: Ba Tháng Hai
Class: 9B4A and 7B3A
  Tuyên truyền Poster (Chi phí in ấn)      VND                                         –
    Thành lập fanpage (Create Fanpage ) 1                    –    VND                                         –
  Advertisement Survey 1                    –    VND                                         –
    Kêu gọi quyên góp sách ( Donate Books ) 1                    –    VND                                         –
    Tờ rơi ( leaflets ) 1         570,000  VND                            570,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                            570,000
    Xe caravan dạng nhỏ (Như hình) + Tiền giữ xe / tháng      
  Công tác chuẩn bị Small Van ( on pic ) + Garage cost  1    27,000,000  VND                       27,000,000
    Bảng đen (Black board ) 1            60,000  VND                              60,000
  Prepare Kệ sách ( Bookshelf) 2         500,000  VND                         1,000,000
    Ghế nhựa (lô) ( Plastic chairs ) 1            24,500  VND                              24,500
    Bàn nhựa (lô) ( Tables ) 1      1,650,000  VND                         1,650,000
    Lọ hoa trang trí ( Vases for decoration ) 5            11,900  VND                              59,500
    Dù đứng ( Standing – Umbrella ) 2      1,000,000  VND                         2,000,000
    Khăn lau ( towers ) 1            45,000  VND                              45,000
    Phấn ( Chalks ) 1            12,000  VND                              12,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                       31,851,000
  Kinh doanh kết hợp Thùng giữ nhiệt ( Cooler ) 1         260,000  VND                            260,000
  Bán thêm nước uống Đá cung cấp (bao 10kg) ( ice ) each pack : 10kg 2            10,000  VND                              20,000
    Nước lọc (24 chai/thùng) Water ( 24 bottles for each box ) 3            90,000  VND                            270,000
  Multi- Business Nước trái cây (chai) ( Juice )  60            18,000  VND                         1,080,000
    Khăn giấy ướt (10 gói) ( wipes ) 2            89,000  VND                            178,000
  Sell Drinks Ly giấy (100 ly) (paper cups) 1            76,000  VND                              76,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                         1,884,000
    Hội thi viết (Giải thưởng) ( ” Writing Competition ) 3         250,000  VND                            750,000
    Hội viên ưu tú (Quyên góp sách thường xuyên) ” Excellent member “ 3         250,000  VND                            750,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                         1,500,000
    Cây lau nhà ( Mop ) 1         180,000  VND                            180,000
    Nước lau nhà ( Cleanser ) 2            39,000  VND                              78,000
    Xịt kháng khuẩn ( Anti – Bacteria fluid ) 1            57,900  VND                              57,900
  Công tác vệ sinh Chổi lông lau kệ sách ( broom ) 1            86,000  VND                              86,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                            401,900
  Công tác chuẩn bị thêm Đồ bấm lỗ ( Hole – cutter ) 3            35,000  VND                            105,000
  Prepare more Thùng gây quỹ cho các cô nhi viện ( Mica Box – For Orphanage ) 1         319,000  VND                            319,000
    Tổng tiền ( Total )      VND                            424,000
Tổng kinh phí đề nghị (suggestion money for project )      VND                       36,630,900



Thực hiện bởi học sinh cấp 2 ( Grade 7 and 9 ) cơ sở Ba Tháng Hai


1/ Địa điểm tổ chức dự án :

     + Ở công viên

2/ Thông tin về đơn vị tài trợ :

     + Tên : Trường TH-THCS-THPT Việt Úc

     + Địa chỉ gửi dự án https://community.vas.edu.vn/?page_id=2096

3/ Loại tài trợ

     + Hỗ trợ về mặt gây quỹ trong dự án cộng đồng

4/ Các thông tin về yêu cầu hỗ trợ

     + Ở file Excel được đính kèm

5/ Thời gian thực hiện

     + Mỗi tháng được tổ chức 1 lần

     + Mỗi tháng sẽ tổ chức mini game

     + bắt đầu ngay sau khi dự án được duyệt

6/ Tuyên truyền

     + Lập fanpage trên facebook “ TNB4 –Thư viện nhỏ di động”

     + Làm poster tuyên truyền

7/ Mô tả ngắn gọn

     Dự án này là được phát triển dựa vào dự án cộng đồng quốc tế trước đó “ BOOKTRUCK”

Link tham khảo : https://thebooktruck.org/

Và mong muốn của nhóm là đưa hình thức dự án này đến với Việt Nam.

Mục tiêu : GIÚP các bạn trẻ hiện nay trở nên thích thú hơn với việc đọc sách và phát triển khả năng của mỗi người. Ngoài ra khuyến khích tất cả đối tương chăm đọc sách, dễ giao lưu, kết bạn với mọi người.

Kết quả hướng đến : Các bạn trẻ sẽ tận hưởng cảm giác thư giãn thoải mái thay vì suốt ngày bấm điện thoại.

8/ Các loại rủi ro có thể xảy ra trong quá trình thực hiện dự án

  • Tình trạng sách thất lạc hoặc bị lấy cắp
  • Thiếu về supply
  • Phát sinh chi phí trong vấn đề bãi đậu
  • Không gian không đủ
  • Điều kiện thời tiết
  • Nguồn vốn bị đứt đoạn

9/ Thời gian thực hiện dự án

     Trong vòng 3-6 tháng nếu có khả năng sẽ tiến xa hơn



Nguyễn Trịnh Phương Nghi 9B4A – Leader

Trần Tường Đan Thanh 9B4A – Designer

Đào Khánh Ngân 9B4A – Essay

Thạch Thanh Đồng 9B4A – Essay + Ideas

Phạm Hoàng Việt Khánh 9B4A – Planning + Budget

Lương Ngọc Khánh Linh 9B4A – Planning

Nguyễn Lâm Minh Thư 9B4A – Planning + Budget

Trần Lê Minh Anh 9B4A – Planning

Hoàng Nam Anh 7B3A – Planning + Essay


Ba Tháng Hai Campus

Grade 7 and 9 collaboration.