Project name: A Lit Christmas Night

Project location: Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street

Proposed started date: 22nd December 2018 or 23rd December 2018

Project duration: one night – 3 to 4 hours

Amount requested from VAS Community Fund (VND): 24,000,000

Project leader Bang The Thien 10B5 BTH
Project members Nguyen Thao My 10B5 BTH
Luong Phuc Anh 10B5 BTH
Luong Hy Hoang 10B5 BTH
Hoang Thu Ngoc 10B6 BTH
Dao Dang Khoa 10B6 BTH
Trinh Gia Nghi 10B8 BTH
Nguyen Ngoc Hai 10B8 BTH
Bui Duy Anh 10B8 BTH


Project instructor (if any and must be staff/teacher of VAS): Nguyen Hoang Tuyet Nhung, homeroom teacher of 10B5

1. Project Overview

This section should provide a brief introduction to the background of your choice to propose this project, its objectives, beneficiaries, location and overview of schedule to execute]

Christmas day has played a major role in the Western culture. On De

cember 25th, families would gather and show affection towards each other. In order to enrich Vietnam culture and create a warm-hearted atmosphere inside of a fast life pace city, this project is made in means of valuating love between people of any social groups, ages and different walks of life. By sending hand-written cards which are precious nowadays due to the limited human interaction, we can create unforgettable memories and light up somebody’s day. Our group has selected “Nguyễn Huệ pedestrian street” to be our location due to the fact that it is one of the most

recognizable part of the city. On 15th, 16th of December, a week prior to Christmas, location will be set and available for at least 50 pairs (families, couples, friends,…) from 18:00 to 21:00. During the period of a week, a video will be produced, carefully edited and sent to VAS for usage. In my point of view, this is a project of exceptional, unique and different from others, meanwhile, its diversity and meaningfulness are incomparable. Thus, this “thinking outside of the box” project should be chosen.

2.     Project implementation and management plan

This section should be inclusive of:

  1. Project activities plan: This section should describe how each immediate project objective will be carried out in terms of planned activities, their timing and duration, and who will be responsible for each activity. The communication activities and funding activities should be included in this part to show your plan in how to spread your voice to community and how you can get more funds for the project beside VAS Community Fund.
  2. Expected results: This section should describe the overall results that the project is expected to accomplish and whether there may be unintended effects of the project, and how these possible challenges will be addressed.
  3. Implementing team: The section should describe the relevant experiences and capabilities of implementation team, who will be responsible for each key role and scope.
  4. We were only tenth graders, but with the help of our parents and supervisors, we can manage to carry out the event.

Project leader Bang The Thien will be responsible to operate and guide everyone to do things properly.

The girls in the team, Nguyen Thao My, Hoang Thu Ngoc, Trinh Gia Nghi will take care of the decorations when the boys, Luong Phuc Anh, Luong Hy Hoang, Dao

Dang Khoa, Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Bui Duy Anh will work with the electricity and carrying heavy equipment.

  1. Expected results: With the financial provided, we guarantee passion, dedication and integrity towards the project. As in the result, a successful social program which creates unforgettable memories of Christmas in the name of our school VAS – Vietnam Australia International School.

However, challenges such as capital shortage and human resources shall be solved by appropriate resolutions. To be specific, activities, for example, selling food and beverages on school campus and raising funds from school gallery, books fair,… will be undertaken so as to receive the budget needed. Thus, our group will surmount obstacles in order to successfully deliver the project.

Project activities plan

17th of November _ Permission from the officers

20th– 30th of November _ Shopping for equipment

  • Asking for Christmas trees from other campuses

1st – 15th of December _ location will be set and ready

  • Decorating
  • Necessary tools will be in place

22nd of December _ The project occurs.

3.     Project monitoring and evaluation

This section should discuss proposed mechanisms and procedures for monitoring of project operations to ensure that activities occur as planned, that they remain directed towards Community Project’s objectives, and that appropriate corrective action is taken if required.

              In order to guarantee the project is occurred as planned, our homeroom teacher – Nguyễn Hoàng Tuyết Nhung will be our supervisor and ensure that the project will be directed towards its objectives.


Additional, our group leader – Bàng Thế Thiên will also be in charge of clarifying the main objectives and procedures that should be undergoing so as to remain on track with the plan.

4.     Budget

This section should describe in how you will use your total fund (from VAS Community Fund and from your own fund raising activities). This can be list in details in a table. 


1 Customized tables 2 1       2,000,000            4,000,000
2 Decorations 1 1       1,000,000            1,000,000
3 Fairy lights 10 1          300,000            3,000,000
4 Cards 100 1            30,000            3,000,000
5 Other unconsidered costs 1 1       5,000,000            5,000,000
6 Christmas trees 4 1       2,000,000            8,000,000
TOTAL 24,000,000
Note: we can reduce the christmas trees cost by borrowing from the school’s campuses, and the school should help us with the transportation