1. Why did we start this project?

Nearly everytime we take a look around us, even when we travel to different countries not only Vietnam, we could see an enormous amount of garbage made out of plastic on the streets, floor, riverbanks and more.

Based on a recent survey we conducted on the students at VAS Riverside we can see that 82,2% of people uses nylon bags everyday and that they don’t care about all the impacts it can have on our environment. That plus the fact that there is approximately 2 million nylon bags being used per minute. It is unfortunately clear that nylon bags nowadays are a neccessity in people’s everyday lives.

Nylon bags usage is increasing and now there is not just your usual air pollution nor noise pollution, there is a new problem that environmentalists named: ”White pollution” and we are here to tackle it.

2. Project Activities Plan

  • What to sell: Grass straws, cotton bags, towels made out of bamboo and Metal Bottles:
  • Our responsibility: To sell the products every Friday afterschool at school. Potentially expand to other campusses if possible
  • How we plan to spread the news about our project: Create an official social-media page and persuade others to spread the word around. Expanding and spreading pamphlets, posters, and flyers.
  • How we plan to get our funds: Get the money from our sales and develop our business by having more products and types of products for sale and available. We will also donate some of our own money or buy our own products to gather more funds together. If we can get the funds from the VAS Community Fund then the project will be even better, faster and more productive.

3. Expected results:

  • What we want to achieve: Awareness is spread and our environment-friendly products will increase in sales over time.
  • Problems that could occur: Not enough money to develop and pull through with our projec; people not taking the time to notice the terrible state our environment is in; members of the team not doing their work and responsibilities; ignoring minor problems with the potential of growing; not seeking assisstance when needed.
  • How to solve the problem: Find more ways to acquire funds and start spreading the news to everyone and encourage people to buy and/or advise others to buy our products; strict supervision of those suspicious of being negligent; reportng all problems minor or major, and being quick to react to situations that are innevitable, reducing as much collateral damage; seeking assistance as soon as the situation calls for assistance.

4. Project monitoring and evaluation:

To make sure the activities happen as planned and to make sure that this project pulls through, we will assign jobs to certain members of this project. For example: One person will be the cashier to sell the products and one will be tallying up money gained and putting it into an organized spreadsheet.

Of course there will be teacher support. The teacher will act as a supervior for the pending project. Surveilence from school and community can also freely observe our actions ensuring that we follow community guidelines and only follow our initial goal.

We will also put up a goal for ourselves to ensure that we stay motivated during the project. As we continue this project we will also acquire assistance from friends, fanily, and classmates to spread our objective to other people, also ensuring that we stay motivated throughout the process of the project. The teachers that will be supporting us on this project have been specified in the personal information section on page 2.  


Budget Table – Stage 1
Marketing Budget Desired usage amount
Poster 500 000 400 000
Official Page 100 000 900 000
Standie 500 000 400 000
Pamphlets 500 000 400 000
Total: 2 500 000VND
Budget Table – Stage 2
Products Budget Desired Usage Amount
Grass Straws 3 600 000 3 000 000
Cotton Bags 1 200 000 1 000 000
Bamboo Towels 3 600 000 3 000 000
Metal Bottles 3 600 000 3 000 000
Total: 12 000 000 VND
Shipping and other expenses: 500 000 VND