Our world is being destroyed, day by day, slowly but effectively, please don’t laugh at this. Looking at the past, to the time we still don’t have any electronics, people use bicycles, horses,… to transport and then we invented the first ever car. It was a great surprise to our society. It was a great transportation! But something unusual started to happen. Plants started dying, people started more health problems. Doctors and Scientists were surprised by this new kind health problem. Times start passing by, and in those years more things got invented. Finally the problem was solved in 2018, it was a pollution issue. People are not aware about this at first and then the problem got wider. Everything that was what we think is good was harming us and the nature around us.

Let’s talk about Air pollution first. Take the factory, it is the main problems for air pollution. The the factory release Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. This gas in turn, trap heat coming from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere resulting in a rise in global temperatures and is a major factor behind global warming. The other reason why the air is polluted is because traffic. We use car to get to workplaces, school,… more cars more gas. The cars burn the gasoline in the inside of it and then when we move the car it release the gas to push it. The gas just mix with the air we breathe. It can lead to lungs cancer and much more health problem.

Second is Water pollution. So, what is water pollution? Water pollution occurs when harmful and toxic waste, chemicals, or other particles enter water bodies such as rivers, ponds, seas, oceans, and so on get’s dissolve in them lies suspended in the water, or get deposited on the bed. Resulting in the degradation of the quality of water. Not only does this harm our aquatic ecosystem, but the pollutants also reach the ground water, which might ended up in our houses as contaminated water we use in our daily activities, including drinking. But the most crucial question is, what causes water pollution? Well, sometimes water pollution can occur due to natural activities such as volcano eruptions, animal waste, algae blooms and residue from storms and floods. Not only that, everyday sewage and sometime even garbages from cities are dumped into oceans resulting in polluting the water tremendously. Other factors that can lead to water pollution are pollution from Oils spills, fosses fuel combustion,…and much more.

Third is Soil pollution, you must be wondering,”What is soil pollution?”.Well like any other pollution, soil or land pollution, it has become a problem to our human society. Soil pollution refers to the contamination of soil with abnormal concentrations of toxic substances like trash, toxic chemicals, debris and much more. In other words, when the level of such toxic and unwanted substances reach to an uncontrollable level, it will cause severe damage to the living organisms, such as: plants, animals and even our society. But what are the factors responsible for this horrible pollution? Well there are many factors that are actually responsible for it, from the waste produced by factories, excessive use of pesticides on agricultural land and to the trash we throw away in our homes and school. Once the trash is picked up, it is brought to a land fill and gets buried into the dirt to decompose or break down over time.

I know it seems bad but, we still have a chance to fix this terrible problem. Together lets build a better future for us!