Project name: The Aisle of Dreams

Project location: Thới Long Secondary School, Cần Thơ City

Proposed started date: 20th October 2020

Project duration: 8 months

Amount requested from VAS Community Fund (VND): 40.000.000 VND

Full name Class Campus
Project leader: Lê Duy Quang 12G2 Garden Hills
Project team members: Trần Phú Khang

Nguyễn Hồ Gia Hân

Trần Quý Kim Ngân

Nguyễn Hạnh Nhi

Hồ Anh Khuê

Nguyễn Ngọc Nhật An

Lê Nguyên Chương

Bùi Cát Tường

Phan Nguyễn Hoàng Thái

12G2 Garden Hills


Project instructor: Mr.Huỳnh Hữu Phúc, Homeroom teacher of 12G2


1. Project Overview

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.     

The Aisle Of Dreams is a philanthropic project by class 12G2 of Garden Hills campus that targets to strive for betterment. Our team will be running VAS TALKS program where the invited speakers share their own experience and stories, in order to inspire the passions and will to surpass the difficulty background. As we acknowledged that dreams are a fundamental essence in helping the students to thrive in their future path. Therefore, forming a suitable vision will play as a major platform to proceed their goals in less risk. Yet, the road is not all always pink. Despite making remarkable academic achievements throughout the years, many students fall under the likelihood of abandoning their studies for a multitude of reasons. May it be their substandard living conditions or bodily disabilities that hinder them from participating in classes, these pupils deserve a well-defined scholarly future. To help these students, we plan on collaborating with local authorities to not only pledge our endowments but also to call upon those with hearts of gold. Each grant will cover a selected student’s scholastic pathway. Additionally, donations in the form of study supplies will also be given out periodically to ensure students’ learning conditions.


2. Expected results

A. Project activities plan

The Aisle of Dreams is a young generation community service that pioneer in implementing VAS TALKS outside of the school’s boundary. We will be delivering essential knowledge and concrete career orientation as well as handing scholarships to well-achieved students with difficulty background.

What we will do?

  • Facebook/Instagram Page: (17-18/10/2020)

The utmost requirement for every party is to maintain social connections and to build trust within the community. Therefore, creating a social media platform will provide a concrete foundation for the team to excel, especially helpful during the fundraising section. All the finance plans and usage will be uploaded regularly on these sites. Moreover, by having a social media page, our team can help the donors to track on the progress of how much has been done and what will be done in the near future.


  • Raising fund program: (right after the formation of social media site)

As being a non-profit and charity party, The Aisle of Dream would like to raise campaigns for donation and sponsorships. Firstly, our team will be calling for beneficent donation from people around. Then, our second target will be raising fund via selling merchandises by utilising school’s festivals and online selling. Finally, we will be seeking out for sponsorships from others organizations, in which we will be helping them in enhancing their public image through the charity program such as, honouring on social media, naming the sponsorship during the VAS TALKS.


  • VAS TALKS: (preferably during January and February)

The Aisle of Dreams has set out two major themes, which are dreams and families.

Why would we choose these topics? Due to the targeted students’ grades – around 11 to 14, we believe by distributing sufficient understanding about their household relations and career paths, we can help these peers to orientate their mindset; thus, enable them to form a vivid dream of careers for later pursue.

In order to carry out VAS TALKS, we had contacted influencers around the city. One successful attempt is Phạm Duy Thuận (also known as Jun Pham), a talented singer, actor, as well as a writer. A former VAS TALKS influencer, we believe Jun Pham can also help us to continue sharing love and knowledge with the many others.


  • Handing scholarship: (same time as VAS TALKS)

After presenting VAS TALKS, The Aisle of Dreams would like to grant scholarship for 15 students who have had achieved outstanding results, yet struggled with financial background. This list of students is provided by Thoi Long Secondary School, which is the only school in the vicinity. Aside from being an incentive, these scholarships will become the mean to help them in learning and enhancing fundamental skills so as to following their dreams.


  • Enhancing school properties: (April-May)

In addition to inspiring fire in these students, we also love to spread the joy with others kid in the school. By observation, we would like to equip the school with useful equipment such as enhancing condition of library, playground and classroom.


This is how we will raise fund:

  • First, we will be raising fund through donors, by promoting campaign.
  • Second, we will sell merchandise at school, and pledge to give in all the profit that we made.
  • Finally, we will be looking for sponsorships, which, in return, The Aisle of Dreams will advertise for the sponsors through social media as well as at the VAS TALKS show.


B. Expected results

  • Overall results:

To grade 6 & 7:  After the stories and lessons about parental love that are shared through the exchange, we hope to bring a more standard view of this love’s value to the children. We also hope that respectabilities, love, help and filial behaviour could be understood thoroughly after witnessing the parents sacrifice and suffer from hardships to make ends meet.

 To grade 8 & 9: With the help of the study encouragement scholarships and the exchange about future learning orientation, we want to be the inspirators to nurture the dreams of the 8th and 9th grade pupils on their itinerary of later study and work. We hope that they can gain useful information as well as experiences which they have not had any chances to be disseminated; additionally, we wish that they could use them intelligently, not only to benefit themselves but also to contribute to the society.

 To each Vaser: The desire to help, share and inspire to the more underprivileged individuals on academic path is a lesson of humanities that each of our Vaser member is aiming to. In order to advanced our soft skills, we want to gain experiences from cooperation and assistance through teamwork times. Particularly, we hope to draw new valuable lessons after the debates and challenges from which to develop in a more outstanding way. Finally, to live for the society and those who are suffering from destitution is our most important core values that we have always wanted to transmitted.

To the project: With our sponsorship of encouragement scholarships and study supplies, hoping that the project could become a meaningful work to make the students’ academic dreams come true.

To VAS: This project is an indirect act of what we have learned from the seven core values that VAS has always wanted to convey to our students. A successful project will contribute significantly in motivation to the future generations to continue developing those cherished values of our school.

  • How these possible challenges will be addressed:

Health restriction: Strictly follow the regulations, the surveillance of the process will be taken by less members of the group.

 Cases of dropouts: The students will be supervised on commitment, whether or not the students continue to go to school or achieving outstanding/good scoring, in order to be eligible for scholarships.

The commitment requires:

  • Students who are guaranteed to keep a good track record of their studies.
  • Students whose will are stronger than they let out to be.
  • Students whose living and studying conditions are below standard.


C. Implementing team

Role Name Past Experience
PROJECT LEADER Lê Duy Quang Experienced working as a fundraiser at OML, finance manager. Used to be the student council chair as well as event council’s treasurer.
TREASURER Trần Quý Kim Ngân Both are former finance managers of their Enterprise team, which indicated to have relatives skills in the field.
Hồ Anh Khuê
Head of Media Trần Phú Khang Worked as movie director with experienced leadership in many other fields. Also experienced working as the student council’s member of media.
Designer Hồ Anh Khuê Worked as the student council chair, as well as decor manager, also capable of managing finance
Nguyễn Ngọc Nhật An Studying and advancing in Art and Designing course, who have been in charge of many teams and events.
Writer Nguyễn Hạnh Nhi Experienced working as the student council’s head of content.
Trần Quý Kim Ngân Having skilled in content writing, and capable of dealing with paper works.
Visual/Marketing Phan Nguyễn Hoàng Thái Studied editing for four years, and had released literature movie. Also capable of using social media platforms for advertising.
Head of event Nguyễn Hồ Gia Hân Capable of managing people with advanced skills in leadership.
Fundraising Bùi Cát Tường A persuasive, energetic person that has wide range of relationship, and email writing skills.
Event organizer Lê Nguyên Chương Have the access to mobility which can help the team to carry task outside the school.



3. Project monitoring and evaluation

Throughout the process of our community project, each individual will prioritize the society’s sake instead of personal gain and be ready to do the project for the impactful outcome for betterment.

In order to strive for that high-performance, two crucial factors which could not be missed out are consistency and persistence. With – a project management tool with live dashboards that deliver real-time data, we can monitor what’s happening now as opposed to what happened yesterday and be able to make the most out of our organizational structure.


We value transparency above all else, that is why all transactions will be published on our social media sites during the execution of the project under the supervision of our project instructor Mr. Huỳnh Hữu Phúc and school’s managers.


4. Budget

4.1. 2020 – 2021 operation

Source of finance:

No. Source Amount (VNĐ) Notes
1 VAS 40.000.000 VND Wishing to receive from school
2 Fundraising group 35.000.000 VND Expected
3 Sell merchandise 5.000.000 VND Expected
4 Spring festival 10.000.000 VND Expected
Total 80.000.000 VND



No. Purpose Amount (VND) Notes
1 Scholarship for 20 students 20.000.000 VND 1 million for each scholarship
2 VAS TALKS 30.000.000 VND Estimated
3 Operating cost and transportation fee 10.000.000 VND Estimated
4 Upgrade school’s facilities 20.000.000 VND Estimated
Total 80.000.000 VND


4.2. Future operation (3 years)

Source of finance for each year: Continuation of fundraising 30.000.000 VNĐ

Scholarship for 20 students each year: 20.000.000 VNĐ

Upgrade school’s facilities each year: 10.000.000 VNĐ


5. Video



Address: 168 Phan Van Tri street, Ward 5, Go Vap District , HCMC.

Phone: +84 986402258 ( Mr.Le Duy Quang )