After nearly three months of implementation, starting from September 20 to December 3, 2021, the “VASers For The Community Programme 2021” has received 26 participating projects with many meaningful and efficient ideas, promoting sustainable development and bringing good values to society. These ideas are not only built for VAS community but beyond that to contribute to the sustainable development and wellbeing for the Vietnamese community as a whole.

All projects will compete in the campus elimination round to get into the top 3 of the final round.

The projects will officially enter the campus elimination round from December 3 to December 27. The campus judges will select the best projects to participate in the final round in January of 2022. In the elimination round, the three best projects will be evaluated and chosen based on the following criteria: implementation idea, feasibility and significance of the project, the ability to influence the community, and the ability to raise funds, and creativity in communication.

The Organizing Committee is looking forward to see in the near future a community with many young and enthusiastic social activists who will devote themselves to the development of society.

Let’s wait and cheer for the young community activists in the upcoming campus elimination round!