VAS Community Programme is VAS signature annual programme which has been received huge support and active participation from students at all levels.

VASers For The Community Programme is the signature and annual programme of VAS, which has been receiving huge support from students across the grades.

Since the first year of its launch in 2016, VAS Community Programme has received 202 participating projects, and has funded 25 projects with total budget up to 530 million VND. Some of which were supported from VAS outsiders.

The best projects Community Programme 2020-2021 were successfully funded and brought remarkable achievements:

  1. 1st prize “Swapzz – Come and exchange” project – VASers of Classes 12B5 and 12B6, Ba Thang Hai Campus: Swapzz is a place where young people can exchange second-hand products, which are still in good condition, at a reasonable price while not wasting their unused stuffs, thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment.
  2. Two 2nd prize projects of VASers from Sunrise Campus “School-age Children’s Depression” Classes 8S2 and 8S3 – and “Voice out” Class 10S2: both projects aim to provide support psychophysiological issues in the school environment and encourage students to speak up and ask for help when they face with psychological difficulties or signs of sexual abuse.

Another 2nd prize project, “Lightening the knowledge” – VASers Class 10H2, Hoang Van Thu Campus: producing and donating hundreds of solar lamps to disadvantaged students in mountainous areas.

  1. 3rd prize project “Being attentive and sympathetic listeners of the elderly”- VASers 12B1 and 12B2, Ba Thang Hai Campus: aiming to bring more positive changes to the mental health of the elderly living in nursing houses in Ho Chi Minh city.

The school year 2021-2022, which is the sixth year of the programme, takes place in a very special time when Vietnam is struggling against the pandemic in history. The communities around us are very in need, more than ever, the ideas to contribute, to share and to care. These ideas may come from every member of the society and are well worth considering, no matter how big or small they are. #Compassion_Always_Counts.

The Community Programme 2021 is officially launched and open for submission from today till the end of Oct 20th, 2021. The programme is a healthy competition for students to express their compassion and responsibility for the society, as well as building their core values and soft skills. Following this school year’s theme “Renovate based on true values” towards sustainability, the Organizer is looking forward to receiving many practical initiatives and feasible solutions from VAS students.

For more information about the programme or registration, please visit: