The “VASers for the Community 2016 & 2017” program did attract over 100 participating projects from the students of which the best projects won the funds from VAS to carry out their extremely meaningful and practical projects. In the meantime, for many other projects, though not funded by VAS, the students were able to raise money and carry out their charity activities by themselves.

The “VASers for the Community” program is back in 2018 – 2019 for all the students with an updated format. The “VASers for the Community” program continues to receive the projects getting to the final round last years as well as the brand-new ones from the students. This program will create an environment for the students not only to show their care for and contribute to the society but also to make plans, develop teamwork spirits, and nuture their loving and caring hearts. 

The organizers have created a blog for this programme, students can access & submit your project proposal here