About The Compass


  • Background of the project: 
    • ‘Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life’. Some of us are lucky enough that we can enjoy the view, looking at dolphins swimming and jumping around. There isn’t anything to fear, as family is there to protect us. The others are a bit unlucky, they have imperfect life jackets, there are holes and torn pieces, but still enough to protect us. But there are the minors, who are suffering every single day facing the ferocious waves without any single protection, constantly afraid of the day they can not bear it anymore.
    • We as a community cannot be their life jacket, but we promise to provide them all the goods and mentality preparation needed to help them go through the fierce sea of life.
  • Why Compass?
    • As a generation Z, a generation full of sympathy and creativity, we are always eager to help our generation become better and more united. Specifically, in “Compass”, “com” stands for community as we always live as an united community whereas “pass” refers to passing out the most precious and momentous core values to our surrounding community, including caring and empathy. Therefore, we, as a VASER, want to support the misfortune of friends and be by their sides to overcome these sufferings and challenges. Besides, Compass also acts as a supporting and encouraging guidance to heal their souls and lead to carings. 


  • Our target: (đối tượng hướng đến dự án) 
    • Our target is those unprivileged children who are seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to losing one or both of their parents, suffering the pandemic post-diseases, agonizing the physical and mental bodies.  


How does the aim of the project link with 7 core values at VAS

At least two million children have lost a parent or grandparent caregiver to COVID-19. And only in Vietnam, there are more than 1000 children who have to face the grief of losing their dear family. Recognising this urgent situation, we as Vietnamese teenagers cannot sit still. We are all people living in the same nation, sharing the same blood, we cannot help but decide to do something about this. We don’t have anything more than a young, passionate and ardent heart, who are willing to make a change to the society. We are confident that with our knowledge and most importantly our sympathy and compassion towards all of the children who have lost their parents during the Covid-19 pandemic, we will try to bring out all of the best in us and organize an excellent project. Even though we are still inexperienced, through this project, we hope to build a strong and united team, together with all of our respect, create better lives for all those kids. Our team committed to being honest and integrity throughout the project, especially the fundraising process. Hopefully, through this project, we – VAS students – will be able to bring some warm light to those unfortunate lives.


The direction of The Compass 

The Compass will usually upload posts on the mass media of the project (Facebook Fanpage, Instagram, Tiktok,…) relating to family problems and stories. This can help the followers to realize how important the family is so that they will value their loved ones more. 

The Compass also generates different activities such as confessions or podcasts,…. From that, the followers of the Compass are able to tell their own stories and will be more sympathetic to their own issue with their family. 



The main event at the end of Generation 1 will be made by The Compass to bring practical values to those who demand for help. 

Plan of actions for The Compass Generation 1: 


  • Fundraising activities 
    • Online Business 
      • As teenagers who are interested in current world problems, our business goal is to surround one core value is sustainable development and especially environmental elements. Therefore, recycled paper is chosen to be our main product in this. We will collect used paper from ourselves, friends, neighbors and conduct the process of recycling it, including blending, mixing, adding colours, sieving and drying. These new papers will be sold individually or will be clipped into packs and sold as vintage notebooks which will attract many of the students, teenagers and teachers.
      • Our prime aim through both the online and offline business activity is to raise funds for financial support for those unfortunate children such as clothings, food, education and ready cash.
    • Online Webinars 
      • The core purpose of organizing the Webinar: Beside supporting those who are in need during COVID-19, we also aim to help students during the teenage age to tackle their own problems regarding the family or mental issues. Furthermore, the selling of tickets for students to participate in the Webinar will be summed up for donation to unprivileged children who lost their own family members. 
      • The Webinar is organized by the core team of The Compass and the members will establish external relationships and cooperate with the experts within the psychological area so that they can participate in the Webinar as the guest to discuss the problems with students. 
      • The project also pushes the matter of marketing in order to give the information about the Webinar to approach more audiences. From that, the number of audiences participating will increase the likelihood of selling more tickets and raise more funds. 
    • Announcement for donations on social media platforms 
      • Platforms to call for donations: 
        • Tiktok: 
          • The Compass intends to make numerous short videos as series in different diversified topics, including child abuse, post-effects to unprivileged children, etc. 
          • The project also plans to create videos to raise people’s awareness as well as their attention to the impacts left on those kids after the COVID-19 waves. 
        • Facebook fanpage (priority): 
          • Upload posts whose contents are all related to COVID-19, post-impacts on families, children. 
          • Promote the project by further collaborating with other like-aimed projects or organizations.
        • Instagram: 
          • Used for promoting the project simultaneously with Facebook’s timeline 
          • Take the use of reels to create videos with the general contents about pandemic and its effects. 
      • Things that we will call for donation, including but not limited to: 
        • Unused clothes or things which can still be well-used despite its appearance, size, and capability.  
        • Unused coursebooks from various grades from VAS’s Ba Thang Hai Campus students, teachers and other volunteers. 
        • Money through bank transactions 
      • The intermediary that we use to transfer money: 
        • The Compass mainly does transactions through digital banking with a pure and clear balance sheet. 
        • Besides, the project does receive the donations through hands by hands. 
      • How can we prove the purity of money being used:
        • The photos of the transactions 
        • An official bank statement of all the transactions that we did. 
        • Photo proof of 2 representatives from 2 sides (if through hands by hands) 
      • Does the quality of objects (textbooks, clothes) need to meet any specific standard?


        • Things that can still function well with no serious damage in the core. 
        • Toxic things and hazards are prohibited. 
        • Valuable things with such high monetary values such as diamonds, golds, phones are not accepted to donate. 


      • What does the gift generally include? 


        • Number of families aiming to support (in forecast): 50 families 
        • The donation gift plans include: kinds of books, foods including rice, instant noodles, processed food, clothes, learning devices if possible, etc. 
        • Cautions: the quality and value of the gift will depend on the affected rate of each individual family circumstance or condition. The quantity of gift will depend on the amount of funds Compass has received. 
    • Donation Day  
      • Due to the urgent and challenging situation, the more postponed the Donation Day, the more negative effect it will have on their educational and financial conditions. Thus, the project decides to divide the Donation Day into 2 stages, the first stage (expected on 02/2022) and the second stage (expected after 04/2022) so that we can immediately support them as soon as possible. 
      • We decided to offer the present as well as cash to at least 50 young children in the region of HCM city, who are suffering from losing their parents during COVD-19. 
      • After the launching of 3 events, the project will sum up the total revenue and will utilize 100% of the total to raise the fund.
      • Besides, the event of fundraising at 2 stages will also be informed upon on social platforms that they are officially closed. The members responsible for the financial work will commence to formulate the list recording the total cash that has earned from the events as well as the list of all the things that have been donated so as to check its quality (textbooks, clothes,..) which whether or not they have met the standard to raise the fund. 
      • If we receive the funding from VAS Community, the project will use 10,000,000 VNĐ for each stage to keep preparing the presents in the most complete way. 
      • Before each Donation Day, the project also announces on various social media about the post of recruiting volunteers for this Donation Day. This can help spread positive energy towards the students and encourage them to put some effort into the community. 


Time Details

Before the project is officially released 

(September-October /2021)

  • Prepare for the plan relating to the upcoming activities of the project 
  • Implementation on the brainstorm of name, mission and goals. 
  • Prepare for the sheet of estimation of needed budget
  • Implement the plan of operation specifically for the upcoming events in the foreseeable future. 
The project is officially released 

(Mid November – Expected date: 15/11)

  • Establish the Facebook Fan Page to announce information about the upcoming events of the project 
  • Upload a post informing specifically what are the missions and aims of establishing Compass 
  • Actively promote the project on different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • We will take advantage of this period of time to publish posts on topics related to family and teen psychology to gradually receive interaction from everyone 
The first event “Fundraising” is officially released 

(Mid December- Expected date: 15/12)

  • Upload the post to announce the details of the first stage of fundraiser 
  • Publish the posts to inform instructions on how people can donate  
Temporarily close the events 


  • Officially close the Donation on social media platforms and the business in order to sum up the total fund that has been made from 2 events. 
Donation Day 1 

(Mid March/2022)

  • Upload the post announcing that the recruitment of volunteers for Donation Day 1 is out (Expected to announce 3 weeks prior the official Donation Day 1)
  • Organize the presents and check carefully on the quantity as well quality of each present 

The third event “Online webinar” is officially released

(Mid April – Beginning of May/2022)

  • Officially release the sneak-peek of the third event, which is the Online Webinar relating to family psychology and issues with the participation of experts.
  • The project also announces the purpose of this Online Webinar: improve the mental health of audiences who have problems with their family and the total revenue made from the selling of tickets will be used 100% for further Donation. 
Mid May/2022

(Expected Day: 15/05/2022)

  • After the sneak-peek of the webinar during Mid-April- beginning of May, we will officially release the experts, date and location of the Webinar to the audiences

Close the “Online Webinar” and “Call for Donation stage 2” 

 (End of May/2022)

  • Announce the closing of the events 
  • Calculate the total revenue made from the selling of tickets from the Online Webinar as well as the total fund from social media platforms. 

Summary and report upon 3 events


  • After 6 months, we will have a meeting so as to discuss and report regarding the result of organizing the 3 events

Second Donation Day


  • Upload the post announcing that the recruitment of volunteers for Donation Day 1 is out (Expected to announce 3 weeks prior the official Donation Day 2)
  • Preparation on the division of presents and cash for each person for the upcoming Donation Day 2
  • Establish the plan and timeline. 
  • Prepare 2-3 games and the lesson plan for entertaining as well as teaching purposes. 

After Donation Day

(End of July/2022)

  • Officially end the Generation 1 of the project

Expected Expenses: 

Events Details Prices Notes
Online business Cost of raw-material 5,000,000 Recycling handmade notebooks
Packaging 300,000 This cost consists of purchasing 100 paper bags and 30 boxes for shipping need
Shipping 500,000
Cost of purchasing decorative props 300,000 As an online business, quaity of the image when posting on social media is really important. Therefore, decorative props might be able to enhance the overall quality of the image
Online webinars Cost of inviting KOLs and experts 3,000,000 Worst condition in case when the KOLs/experts do not accept the invite freely but rather to hire them in a specified price
Small prizes offered to the audiences 250,000 5 prizes for the 5 most active audiences
Donation Day  Purchase necessary products 20,000,000 This includes textbooks, stationery, and essential products
Shipping the gifts 500,000
Transportation cost 1,000,000 If the number of volunteers are more than expected, we might think of borrowing the school buses to save cost
Packaging 300,000 This cost is based on the preparation for 50 presents
Others Marketing 2,000,000
Food and beverage 1,000,000 This cost consists of the costs needed to prepare for meals as well as water for the volunteers who participate in that day
Total  34,150,000

Fundraising plan: 

Time Plan of actions Details
December, 2021

Officially announce the call for donation social media platform  

  • By operating the online business, webinars and social donations, The Compass will start to record the fund made by these events.

From Mid of December/2021 to End of May/2022

Fundraising events and activities  
  • The first event “Calls for donation on social media” will be held on Mid-December of 2021
  • The second event “Offline and online business” will be held after Tet 2022 until March/2022
  • The third event “Online Webinar” will be held on Mid-May/2022
  • All in all, the time that the project releases the fundraising events will be approximately 6 months.
3 weeks before March/2022 (Donation Day 1) 

3 weeks before July/2022 (Donation Day 2)

Preparation before Donation Day 1 and 2
  • After the closing of events, the project will commence to implement the sheet of total funding received from each of the events. 
  • During these expected times, the project will close the events to focus on calculating the total fund raised and prepare the things needed for the Donation days

March and July/2022: Official Donation Day 1 and 2

Location of transferring the fund 

  • The core members of the project will directly come to the locations / addresses to offer the presents to each one of them. 

Methods of transferring the fund 

  • Cash: a portion of the fund will be divided to directly offer to those who met hardships due to the loss of their families during the pandemic. 
  • Presents: Besides cash, we also divide another portion of the fund to purchase new clothes, or stationery,… 
  • The mental gift: Last but not least, we would also want to utilize the fund received to support them mentally. The activities may consist of monthly teaching and the tour at the museum in the region of HCM city.

Management of the project 

Our team includes 3 members, with each person being responsible for different areas including but not limited to: 


  • Chu Ngọc Hà Uyên: 
    • Translating all the posts of the project between two languages, Vietnamese – English 
    • Designing all the posts uploaded on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
    • Planning and writing contents for social media promotion



  • Nguyễn Minh Hân:
    • Being a treasurer who manages and controls the inflow and outflow of the project’s financial budget. 
    • Promoting the project to the public and administering the pages  on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
    • Planning and writing contents for social media promotion



  • Trần Ngọc Thuỳ Anh: 
    • Being the human resource manager who plans, checks up the deadlines and recruits new members. 
    • Managing the logistics part of the project, for instance, materials for the online business activities.
    • Planning and writing contents for social media promotion



  • Compass hopes that this proposal will successfully transmit the mission as well as the plan of operation. With the support in terms of experience and funding from VAS Community, the project will promise to be responsible with what has been set in the document and help the young people to overcome their hardships due to the loss of family members during the pandemic. 
  • Compass guarantees that we will use the fund offered by VAS Community for the right purpose and with no hesitation to always pursue the mission to help as many people as possible.
  • Once again, Compass wants to show gratitude towards the VAS Community to have a glance over our proposal. 
  • We hope that Compass can be a part of the VAS Community to earn the opportunity to accompany, and disseminate the positivity to everyone.