We are studying in bilingual school. We all hope that we can be good and fluent at English. Primary school is the first step in our education process. Students at Primary level are all new comers. They have some limits in using English. That is the reason why we choose them as our target student for our project. We would like to motivate them to use and practice English. We, Vasers ourselves altogether build stronger and better English community. When we are better and stronger, our value will be higher thus we can be useful and help other more.

School is the best environment to practice English. Here we have great support from teachers and friends to improve our English skills. We make this project to help and motivate Primary students to be more confident in using English and build a better and stronger English speaking community at VAS.

Mr. Marcel the chairman of VAS said our Vasers “being a growing school group of excellence”. Strong and better English community will bring the name and fame of VAS to all.


This project is divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1: English speaking movement: motivate more students to joint speaking community and help them to be confident in using English: Primary students are using English in their classes but not much outside class. This movement we will motivate them to use more English at school.

  1. Introduce the movement to all class at Ba Thang Hai Primary campus to inspire, encourage students to join the speaking English movement at break time, in chatting, playing, reading at school.
  2. Choose the connector in every class to follow and check the using English of classmates and contact with the team if they need assistance.
  3. Connect, update and follow English speaking at school. Every class will get one badge for English speaking when they join the movement.

Stage 2: Celebrate activities to maintain and develop stronger English community in Vas.

  1. Reading brings more knowledge. Our library has wide range of books and stories. All students are welcomed there for reading or researching. We will guide and encourage students to use library more efficiently and regularly.
  2. Set up reading club to boost student to read more books. Celebrate read and share activities weekly to introduce, review about books you have read to other students.
  3. Set up Board of Primary students: Help, inspire, introduce, popularize and share experiences through competitions such as: AMO, SASMO, SIMOC, Violympic, Toefl Primary, VAS speaking contest, VAS talk, etc…. to Primary students.
  4. We celebrate the competition name: “The voice of VASERS”: to choose the best voice of reading among VAS primary students.
  • The student can choose a piece of story, news in Raz-kid reading to record in and send file to join. Time of reading: from 5’ to 15’
  • Judge: VAS’s teachers
  • Awards: From capital of the Vasers for Community program
  • All VAS students have their own Raz kid account. Our teachers advise us to use Raz-kid reading application to improve our English skills. Through this competition, students may have good habit in reading. We will encourage all students to read daily.
  1. Set up “For & against club”: create team for debating and prepare for English debating championships to prove VAS name and fame.
  2. Set up: Sport clubs to play and speak in English when playing.

Stage 3: Bring VAS English community outside

  1. Enlarge and connect bigger VAS English Community. Our school system includes of nearly 10.000 students. We will celebrate more activities to connect all students altogether be will be one of the best and strongest student community in Vietnam.
  2. Organize English exchange programs in rural areas surrounding Hochiminh to introduce about our school and share methods to learn and practice English efficiently.Vascers for Community-G5 BTH Campus