The Community Project SY2022 – 2023 has found excellent projects to be funded for implementation, the organizers would like to sincerely thank the support of teachers, staff and students for their wholehearted support and enthusiastic participation to contribute meaningful, diverse and humane projects to the program. We hope that the students will continue to maintain their enthusiasm for community activities in the coming school years!=

We are pleased to announce the final results of the Community Project SY2022 – 2023. Congratulations on the following projects:

💟 FIRST PRIZE: Project Giải Phóng Đồ Chơi – Mang Lại Nụ Cười of Primary students from Riverside Campus


  • Project HP91-Soul Guiders of Secondary students from Sala Campus
  • Project The Greener of Secondary students from Garden Hills Campus



Let’s take a look at the lovely and exciting moments of the project teams! Once again, congratulations!